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Why Singapore is the gateway to ASEAN?

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is one of the fastest growing economic blocs in the world – and Singapore offers an ideal base to expand into the region. What are the factors that give Singapore this edge over others?

ASEAN is the third largest economy in Asia , powered by a rapidly growing middle class and an aggregate consumer market of 628 million people.

It is no surprise then, that ASEAN is widely seen as an attractive, lucrative market for both small to medium enterprises and multinational companies to tap into.

Singapore is one of the founding members of ASEAN. The nation-state has long been recognised for its economic stability and business-friendly environment, making it a strategic gateway for SMEs and MNCs who want to establish or strengthen their position in the ASEAN region.

Here’s why Singapore is an ideal launching pad for companies setting up or expanding in the ASEAN region:

  1. Openness to Trade
  2. Ease of Doing Business
  3. Tax Incentives are plenty
  4. Regional Leader in Innovation
  5. World Class Talent & Connectivity

Singapore: the door to ASEAN

SMEs and MNCs looking to use Singapore as a base for establishing their ASEAN footprint would do well to identify local partners to help them enter the Singaporean and ASEAN markets.

Having local knowledge and an understanding of the local business culture is crucial to finding the right partner to help you not only succeed in Singapore, but other ASEAN markets as well.

Looking to Singapore as a base for your company set-up or expansion? OneSMP provides you with the incorporation support you need.

OneSMP is your trusted partner for establishing and expanding your business in ASEAN. 

With vast knowledge and local expertise in corporate secretarial, accountancy, audit & assurance, human resources & payroll, tax services, insolvency & restructuring, legal services, strategic business advisory and other business process outsourcing services, OneSMP provides the building blocks and catalyzes every stage of your business growth, from incorporation to IPO.

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Seamless Experience
Our network of expert business practitioners, trusted advisors, public accountants, tax experts and business consultants can guide business owners towards establishing, maintaining and growing their business in ASEAN.
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Lasting Commitment
We have a strong community of professionals who share the same passion and dedication in promoting ASEAN as a prime location for trade and business.
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Strong Community
Whether you are an established organization looking to expand in ASEAN, or an investor looking to start a business in ASEAN, OneSMP can assist you to succeed.

Corporate Services

Creating value by taking away complexity

Our full range of corporate services will guide you from incorporation to the late development phase of your business, and all steps in between.

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Advance Regionally in ASEAN with OneSMP

Through alliance and close relationships with our regional member firms, OneSMP can tap into the local expertise to grow your business in ASEAN.

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